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. thank you, roger cressey. we'll be right back an hour from now with another edition of "hardball." "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right away. >> thanks, chris. breaking news, we're waiting on a press briefing from officials on a manhunt for the suspect in the marathon bombings. as night falls in boston, much of the city is in lockdown. nearly one million residents are in their homes. after the governor urged residents to stay indoors with their doors locked. this comes as a massive door to door search is under way for the survival suspect in the boston marathon bombings. the 19-year-old who wore a white baseball cap at the marathon, police, fbi agents, and s.w.a.t. team officers are combing the suburb of watertown where the surviving suspect is believed to be hiding. that's where he and his older brother ended up earlier this morning after they killed an m.i.t. campus policeman. the older brother, the one in the dark hat, was killed in an intense shootout there that left a boston transit officer seriously injured. [ gunfire ] >> authorities say the surviving suspect may
by nbc news terrorism analyst, roger cressey. roger, tell us for a moment, if you can, an chechen terrorism. because as i understand it, historically chechen terrorism has been much more related to national boundaries and geography as opposed to any kind of hatred for the united states. >> martin, that's exactly right. and i'm hesitant to even call this chechen terrorism yet. what i will call it is the act of two individuals in an act of terrorism. we simply don't know whether or not there are any real direct links. but in chechnya you've had two phases. a separatist movement since the end of the soviet union that over time has morphed into an islamist movement. in the past 15 years, elements of al qaeda have fought there. bin laden when he was still alive pledged public support to the islamists fighting there. and we saw even pre-9/11, an amalgamation of chechen fighters into al qaeda camps, et cetera. it doesn't mean there were broad alliances or strong cooperation between both forces. it just means there was this interaction. so there -- if, in fact, there are direct links back
zandt, the former fbi profiler, and we have james cavanaugh and roger cressey also with us. what's your thought on the developing pieces of information? we have this new video on screen right now, as they start to inspect the suspect's home and the area around that kerry sanders just telling us that the cordon seems to be broadening as well. what do you think? >> i think one important clue here is that the individual was supposedly a boxer and the other brother was a wrestler. that my seem just like some sort of athletic pursuit. but that's not irrelevant. having boxed and wrestled myself and having been a federal investigator. these are very closed communities, closed, isolated communities, you have to train with people you trust. i'm sure that the fbi and other law enforcement agencies in region are actively shaking every informant that they can get to get some information. but these tend to be trusted people that you train with. in a sport where potential harm can come to you relatively quickly. that's one important fact. and just a note on the explosives ordinance disposal units. th
and incarcerate hundreds of terrorists. >> joining me now, roger cressey, terrorism analyst. roger, want you to listen to something the boston police chief said yesterday on cbs, listen do what ed davis said. >> we have reason to believe based upon the evidence found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive ordinance that was unexploded and fire power that they had that they were going to attack other individuals. >> and roger, just to read from the complaint filed in federal court today specifically what they have in there, two unexploded ieds as well as remnants of numerous exploded ieds, also found in the search of the current suspect's, younger brother's room, they found bee-bees, the pressure cooker, low grade, also find in the search of the abandoned car, intact low grade explosive devices discovered. what do you make of those discoveries in relation to what commissioner davis said, do you see the potential of something else being planned? >> well, i think so, lawrence. either they were playing to go for additional targets at a later date, or once pictures were published, they deci
security council, nbc news terrorism analyst roger cressey. roger, let's talk a little bit about sort of how this all came to be. i mean yesterday, i think the entire post monday, the entire investigation got a sort of huge bump up if you will when the fbi held their news conference and revealed at least the identities, if not the names more biographical information, the faces of those suspects in this bombing. i thought it was really interesting that that we got that tape that was apparently taken from lord and taylor. we also have gotten reports about bystanders who may have been critical in, in actually helping pinpoint who did this. >> there's firsthand eye witness accounts, coming from people 40 were in the hospital, who in all likelihood have helped the fbi with this investigation. >> yeah, alex. it really is remarkable. the speed with which this is, has gone since the fbi press conference. and special agent in charge, deslauriers said repeatedly, somebody knows these individuals, family, friends, acquaintances, workers, colleagues. and the bureau's strategy at that point yester
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cressey, nbc news terrorism analyst. roger, we heard in great detail from pete as much as possible the latest from this charge sheet for is dzhokhar tsarnaev. the question remains about this fbi investigation. you have lawmakers wondering if there was a crack, if you will, in the fbi process when they went to the family's home and interviewed if you will, tamerlan tsarnaev. what can you tell me about any information you have from your sources? >> well, this is going to be part of the investigation into the why. that will go on for some time here. because you have both the fbi as well as the intelligence community and other national security bureaucracies going through the data bases, identifying the information that they had on hand at the time of the bombing. and now cross referencing it with what they know from the tsarnaev brothers in their actions and activities. based on what we've seen in the initial reports, based on the fbi statements, they followed the normal procedures the right way. >> what is the normal procedure? you get a tip from a foreign country. in this case repor
counterterrorism chief at the nfc, roger cressey. also on the phone or in new york, let me bring in now jonathan dienst, from wnbc. jonathan, you have some information on travel by tamerlan tsarnaev in and out of the country. which could be a significant lead. >> it is a lead that has concerned authorities and they're taking a hard look at it he's the one with the black hat, the one who died in the standoff with police overnight. the records that have, that explain to us is that he traveled last year, over six-month period, out of the united states. he flew out of new york on january 12th, 2012, to moscow and returned on july 17th, 2012. and whether he was visiting relatives, we're told he does have family there. but at the same time, they want to know whether he went for any sort of terror training during those travels. a couple of other points that highlight how these two brothers were not on the radar screen of law enforcement until after the bombings at the marathon. and that's because on these travel documents, for this older brother, he's listed as a person or instrument that may pose a th
for the news brifing, could come in any moment, let's bring in roger cressey. former naval investigative agent, robert mcfadden, former atf special agent in charge, james cavanaugh. robert mcfadden, we haven't had you on yet. thank you for joining us right now about this manhunt, down to one suspect. of course, he's apparently quite desperate. he should be. he has, perhaps, weaponry, may have bombs, ieds. certainly the first people that catch him are going to have a real frightening situation on his hands based on this desperation. your thought ls? >> absolutely. as it's been said before, it's the goal right now if he could be captured, captured alive, come in for interrogation. absolute priority is officer safety and public safety. every officer has to get home tonight safely. you know, so you have the area cordoned off. they'll probably expand that and then do re-searches of the area, too. but, you know, we all know that the best of the s.w.a.t. from boston pd and the fbi are on the case right now. >> yeah. looks like it. let me go to james cavanaugh. sir, you've been great the last few days
, squad cars that have been called to this scene how intense this situation is, roger cressey? >> there's been that massive presence since last night. the good news is they have hit all of the infrastructure and resources since the event began but once we heard in the press conference that the individual was on foot, i think there was an expectation, if something was going to happen, it was going to happen quickly. the likelihood of him having an escape route, that went away last night. this could go very quickly if in fact this is the final element. >> clint van zandt, do you think that was on purpose to alert whoever the suspect was in this case that things weren't going to be that hot for them, it was time to make a run? we'll see, of course. >> yeah, we'll see. does being would be a good time if he was in one place to start moving but chris, one report we had from the local affiliate was that dozen shots. that's about the capacity of the magazine from a semiautomatic pistols. so the big concern that i have right now is this over abundance of manpower and fire power. this takes very
's two to wrong roger cressey, former white house counterterrorism official and nbc, of course, news analyst on terrorism. michael mcfadden is the former deputy assistant director at the naval criminal investigative service. he's now a senior vice president at the suffon group. let me ask you both gentlemen, first, roger, then robert. what did you make of that? do you make, when you look at this, do you see two guys, two brothers, amateurs, if you will, self-radicalized, self-experts at bomb making? no plans to escape really, just doing this on their own? not talking about it with other people, no cellmates in terms of a sleeper cell jihadist. >> based on what we know right now, it's unlikely there was a broader security. it's difficult to believe there weren't other people in the family or in the community who were not aware of some of the intent that he had. and if the case is they were not, then there's two questions. one, my god, these guys were really good and we have to look at how a self-contained unit could do so well. then the second question is, if the community did know an
in roger cressey, a former white house counterterrorism official and nbc news analyst. and nbc national investigative correspondent michael isikoff, with us from boston. mike, we understand you have some new information about the interactions with the suspect after he was apprehended. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well exactly, martin. as you know, there's a huge controversy this afternoon because of the comments. mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee made on andrea mitchell's show saying that the judge intervened and forced that initial court appearance at the hospital room over the objections of the fbi. what we're being told, first of all, getting strong pushback from that from the justice department, saying, look, there are local rules in place that say once tsarnaev was charged, the -- he had to be read his rights and have an initial court appearance without unnecessary -- without undue delay. and that means here as interpreted by the courts here, the next day. he was charged under seal sunday so the wheels were set in motion. the federal public defenders o
. we're joined now by michael isikoff who's in boston and by nbc news terrorism analyst roger cressey. good afternoon to both of you. mike, we've been hearing a lot about the mother, but now i understand you have some information about tamerlan's wife. what can you tell us? >> reporter: exactly, martin. earlier today, fbi agents went to the home of the parents of catherine russell, wife of tamerlan tsarnaev, questioned her for about an hour and left with bags of evidence. now, her lawyer says she's cooperating with the fbi but she's clearly a crucial witness, as agents try to piece together at background of tamerlan tsarnaev and his activities in the month leading up to the bombing. she has, was working during that time. they had a 3-year-old daughter. the parents were taking care of the daughter. but where was tamerlan during h this weirperiod? what was he doing? how much time did he spend at home with his daughter? how much time did he spend away? what did he tell his wife about where he was, who was he meeting with? these are crucial questions as fbi agents try to piece together th
, fantastic law enforcement work and that's one thing we should be incredibly thankful for. >> roger cressey, thank you for joining us. >>> we don't know what kind of firearms were used to rain down bullets on the watertown police. we will discuss how what happened there could effect how washington looks at gun and ammunition safety. >>> on the "rewrite," a shocking piece of video. i mean, this is for real, kind of disturbing. and i'm just warning you, but it does vividly portray the original intent of the second amendment right to bear arms. the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ both laughing ] but our plants were starving. [ man ] we love to eat. we just didn't know that our plants did, too. then we started using miracle-gro liquafeed every two weeks. now our plants get the food they need while we water. dinner's ready. come and get it. no one goes hungry in this house.
for that update. for more, we are join by nbc news terrorism expert roger cressey. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> picking up on the reporting we have this criminal charge which talks about the use of explosive devices resulting in death and destruction of property as well as the narrative, separate from those criminal charges. just about what these suspects now called bomber one and bomber two, were up to. what does that tell us beyond what we already knew about how the government is looking at this case? >> well, the complaints are a pretty compelling narrative of what they did. and there is plenty of evidence they identified in the complaint that will be used in federal court. clearly the video surveillance footage will be key to this. there is also plenty of other evidence. some of it was found at the university of dartmouth, university of massachusetts dartmouth dorm room. and all of that will be brought together. what you see is a pretty complete picture of how these guys went about the bombing on monday and then the narrative of what led up to tsarnaev's capture on f
, nbc news terror analyst roger cressey. he served as a top official in the clinton and bush administrations. let's go back to what we were about at the top of the show. john boehner last week, as well as some others expressed concerns about data sharing. and we know that russian authorities got in touch with both the fbi, the cia, about these alerts. but was that information to your knowledge and feel free to speculate here, would that have been shared with the other agencies that might be relevant for those kinds of concerns and do you think we have a problem sharing intelligence right now? >> the answer is yes. it would have been shared. it would have been brought in to agencies such as the national counter terrorism center whose sole purpose is to ensure proper coordination of intelligence and then counter terrorism policy. and this is an organization that, where every agency who has a role in counter terrorism is represented. the two dozen plus data bases were all could you pleaser terrorism data resides, feed into the nctc. so there is no doubt in my mine the informatio
is a retired atf special agenting t, and roger cressey, former counterterrorism official and also an nbc analyst. roger, let me start with you. this idea and we have been talking about it throughout the course of the afternoon that essentially, if what investigators are saying at this point, if it's true that it seems these two sides were able to live a secret life of sorts. for the most part, sounds like you one was a box per, one was a wrestler, they were socialized, they were assimilated, american in every sense of the word and they were -- they were living among us, roger cressey. how likely is it that no one knew anything about what they were planning and what they were up to? >> well, craig, it strikes me as very unlikely, but we can't discount that possibility. if you look at your own circle of friends and a broader network around you, you happen to see somebody who you've known, i have a trusted, who's come from a foreign country who as you said, who has assimilated into our society and our culture, and starts to act different or strange, you're not going to jump to the conclusio
. roger cressey joins me. good to see you. >> you, too, alex. >> we know back in 2011 the fbi was asked by a foreign government to investigate tamerlan. he was preparing to travel to join some underground groups reportedly. how unusual is it for a foreign government to make a request like this? >> it is unusual at all. it's a little unique when the russians do it and that's what make this is so different because if it's a western ally with a level of cooperation we have with intelligence sharing and law enforcement cooperation, there's a more, if you will, open and relaxed exchange of information. but certainly when the russians are asking about someone who might be related to the chechen conflict, while we'll go through our process to see if there's any information there, in the back of the mind of the government has to be what would the russians do with this information? given their tremendous amount of internal strife and civil war that's been involved in the chechen region. that's not to say we wouldn't share anything. we certainly would and, of course, we didn't come up with any in
able to pick up on and then act upon. >> roger cressey, always a pleasure. thank you, sir. >>> much more coverage of the terror plot in boston and what else authorities are looking for now, when we come back. [ m ale y the cat appeared at their door, he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love that reaches further than anyone's words. iams. keep love strong. >>> welcome back. while still on the hunt for the teenage boston marathon bomber, law enforcement had discovered explosives inside the tsarnaev brothers' home in cambridge. reportedly the fbi found pipe bombs with fuses and a type of synthetic powder inside the apartment as well. i want to bring james cavanaugh back into the conversation, msnbc analyst, retired atf special agent in charge. he's also a former hostage negotiator as well. james, i want to pick up sor
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)